Timings 2.3

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Timing 2.3 now can automatically import events from Calendars (⌘⇧I). This comes in handy when you want to import events you have created in the Calendar Application or in an other tool that syncs with the Calendar.
You just need to define the Subproject that imports the events of a certain calendar.


Automatic time tracking with Rewind for iPhoneRewindWeb 2x

If you are doing on site work for clients I can recommend to have a closer look at Rewind developed by my friends at Noidentity – a brand new location based Time Tracker for the iPhone. Rewind automatically tracks the time you spend at a location and optionally maintains a calendar that can be imported to Timings as described above. 

Rewind is free to try. You can unlock more features by purchasing the Pro option. Rewind Homepage 

OS X 10.10 Yosemite

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Apple is expected to release its next big OS X Update later this month.

Some older versions will no longer work due to changes in OS made by Apple.

Before upgrading please check the compatibility table if the versions you have installed are still running under 10.10.

Download latest versions:


Timings is turning 2

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Exactly two years ago Timings 1.0 was released. 

Today Timings 2.0 is going public beta with a completely overhauled much more graphical design.
As requested by a lot of users version 2.0 brings a brand new graphical calendar and a slicker single window interface. 

All this comes at a cost. Back in january I have removed the iPhone App from the store. This was for two major reasons:

  • Timings 1.0 for Mac compromised on features to be compatible with the iPhone app that had to work on the small screen.
  • Demand for the iPhone version was much lower than expected. The poor sales did not justify to spend any more time on it.

As expected, in the last couple of months only a few users noticed the absence of the iPhone app.

If you need to register time on the go this should be no problem because events from the OS X Calendar app can be dragged to Timings. Just create an event in your iOS calendar or one of the countless Applications that are compatible with the iOS calendar and drag it to your project when you are back on your Mac.

Timings 2.0 is a free update for all Timings users and requires OS X 10.9 Mavericks to run.

It can be downloaded here: https://mediaatelier.com/Timings2/ 

Timings Video

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As mentioned in the last post you still can sign up for the beta.

Mountain Lion and TimeLog

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Later this year Apple will release OS X 10.8 called Mountain Lion. Beside adding a lot of cool new features, Apple also decided to drop some features.

Unfortunately one of them is the technology that TimeLog uses to talk to iCal.

This comes not totally unexpected because there where a lot of changes in Lion already. For that reason I started developing a brand new application last summer. One that does not rely on iCal:



Update: Meanwhile Timings 2 has been released http://mediaatelier.com/Timings2/

Migration from TimeLog
In Timings go to the Help menu and import your TimeLog records. This will also import your license.

Upgrades are available for €19.

If you own an older serial number (e.g. timelog001-JMB0-4XC0-FG9D-N2H5-A9K8) you can get a upgrade at the same price here. http://mediaatelier.com/Timings/upgradeStore.php

Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks