Apple issues “Snow Leopard Font Update”

April 27, 2011 in GrandTotal Comments off

About one month after breaking the PDF rendering with the OS X 10.6.7 update, Apple has released a fix for this.

Snow Leopard Font Update is available from the built-in OS X System Update or here

On my test machine it has fixed the issue.

What, if taxes are changing?

December 28, 2010 in GrandTotal, Payments Comments off

In some countries the taxes are changing this year. This short post will show how to add the new taxes in GrandTotal.

  1. Go to Preferences/Taxes and hit the “Edit…” button below the right table
  2. Add a new rule, call it something like “From 2012″ and close the sheet
  3. Then add the correct values for each of your clients groups

  • Move to Preferences/Item Groups
  • Assign the new tax to all corresponding item groups

If you have 2 or more tax rates, repeat the steps for all of them

Invoice vs. Receipt

October 11, 2010 in GrandTotal Comments off

I most countries the law does not allow to change an invoice after has been sent. This is why only payments that have been added *before* sending an invoice are deducted from the total amount

If you like to send a Receipt after each payment: Go to the “+ Documents” section of the invoice. The Default type is a Reminder but you can can setup a Receipt in the settings icon on the bottom. Once setup, you can add payments and then send your client a Receipt.